Why Springmount Services?

At Springmount Services we pride ourselves in delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. With a ‘flat’ management structure, all of our senior management team are ‘hands-on’ and readily accessible to clients and team members.


Our dedicated Innovation and IT team continually source new systems, procedures, materials, equipment to ensure our clients receive the best service at all times.

Our robotic scrubber uses the latest robotic cleaning technology to increase productivity and minimize inconsistency. Some of the other new innovative technology that we provide include:-

  • Green Cleaning Products & Systems
  • Maintenance Cleaning Systems
  • Prevention and Control Systems
  • Online Customer Portal & Information Systems
  • Online Training Centre


Our Health and Safety management system is fully accredited to TQCSI 45001:2018 standards. We have an excellent safety record and are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our team members.

We use fully documented policies and procedures to commence safety training from a new employee’s induction, then continue to deliver training and education via online training videos, toolbox talks, formal training sessions, employee handbooks and general correspondence. Our in-house Risk Manager has developed a comprehensive Preventative program to ensure we continue to successfully identify and manage our workplace health and safety system.


Springmount Services are committed to sound environmental practices. This is part of our broader commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. As a provider of professional cleaning and ancillary services, our overall environmental ‘footprint’ is relatively small. Nevertheless, we aim to minimise our use (and, where possible, maximise or re-use) of the resources we utilise to deliver our services.

We have full TQCSI Environmental certification to ISO 14001:2015.

Regarding procurement, we are committed wherever possible to assessing the environmental, social and economic impacts of our purchasing decisions. In considering environmental impact, we seek to purchase products and services that, in principle ‘do no harm’:

  • minimise CO2 emissions;
  • maximise sustainability;
  • utilise recycled content in production;
  • are recyclable at life end;
  • minimise the use of water;
  • minimise toxicity; and are sourced from producers and/or suppliers with a proven record of environmental management and product stewardship

We have adopted environmental sustainable cleaning practices through our “Green Cleaning” program.  We are fully conversant in Sustainability and the “NABERS” rating systems for Green buildings. Our approach to the delivery of green cleaning services has been developed through research and experience. Importantly, our chemical and equipment supplier is equally committed to our principles of environmental management. We are continually striving to reduce our corporate footprint through paper and chemical reduction, recycling and waste management initiatives.