Important Customer Information

With rapid escalation of COVID-19, Springmount Services has been on the forefront of assuring its customers about its solutions, staff knowledge and what to expect from the company. Springmount Services has been working with relevant authorities to ensure adoption of best practices to deliver highest level deep-cleaning services and management of high-risk areas.

Springmount Services has implemented contingencies to assure our clients and educate our frontline staff about potential risks and staying safe while delivering critical services during these unprecedented times – including:

Prioritising Safety

As a provider of cleaning services, we ensure the provision of a clean healthcare environment. Springmount Services implements risk management procedures to prevent and control healthcare associated infections with environmental cleaning best practices. Our Pandemic Team was fast to act to assist in the management and operational activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

Our Ongoing Commitment

Our commitment to our frontline works remains a priority. We encourage a transparent and efficient communication channel with our client in case of infection on site to allow our team to act rapidly and safely. We will Communicate Springmount Services’ access to innovative solutions and our acquisition of high-tech cleaning machines to deliver consistent and safe practices. What is Springmount Services doing about COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Following Government’s advice with the development of the virus at each stage of the outbreak
  • Implementing remote working processes for Head Office staff and conference calls with clients to minimise physical contact
  • Understanding individual client working situation in case of self-isolation and reduced services to allow us to implement the most effective and highly-customised cleaning solutions
Deep Cleaning Service
  • We are available for specialised deep-cleaning services
  • In case of suspected infection, our team will draw up a customised deep-cleaning package for immediate roll-out. Please CLICK HERE to get a quote.
What is Springmount Services’ Plan for Suspected Cases of COVID-19? As COVID-19 is an ongoing threat, we take all suspected cases of infection very seriously. Guided by government protocol, we work with our clients on:
  • Declaring any suspected cases immediately
  • Isolating areas of infection
  • Quarantining members of the staff immediately and accessing COVID-19 tests for effective treatment
  • Conducting a deep-clean of the affected area
As this an unprecedented global pandemic, our team is working on an incredibly fast-paced environment to adjust our practices for safe, effective and innovative cleaning solutions. Our role has never been greater and we remain committed to delivering safe environment for our clients and our team. We encourage you to get in touch with us should you wish to share any specific challenges or discuss our range of solutions.